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Selecting Your Wisconsin Dells Accommodations

Believe it or not, the Wisconsin Dells area has about 8,000 motel rooms, more than any other city in the state. This may seem like a lot for a community of 2,500 permanent residents, but the many attractions and scenic beauty of the Dells bring over 3 million visitors per year (over a billion dollars in traveler spending!).

So while there are many rooms available, you may find difficulty in booking last-minute accommodations, especially on the weekend. We recommend that you reserve your room as early as possible.

The Dells has campgrounds, small to medium-sized motels, cabins, chain hotels/motels, and large resorts. Where you stay will be governed by your preferences and your pocketbook.

There are also 18 RV parks and campgrounds with 2,780 camping sites. Typically, camping will cost $30-$40 for a campsite.

Small to medium motels, like the Lakeside Motel, are nearly always family businesses. At the Lakeside, you will nearly always be checked in by owners Christine or Jesse Nowak. These motels, some in business for decades, will be moderately priced, with friendly personal service. These rooms are in the range of $65-$150 for 2 double beds or a queen or king-sized bed during the summer. Prices will usually be a little higher for the weekend.

Several chain hotel/motels have locations in the Dells. They also have seasonally adjusted rates and in season you might expect rates between $90 and $150 for their most basic room. Suites or whirlpool rooms will be $180 to over $200.

The resort hotels usually have indoor waterparks. Indoor waterparks are great for the winter or rainy days, but they don't compare to the Wisconsin Dells' three big outdoor waterparks, Noah's Ark, Riverview Park, and Mt. Olympus. The rates at the low end can be $169-$349 (the lower number depends on availability, you're more likely to get a lower priced room when the demand is down).

In selecting a room for your stay in the Dells, you will want to determine the price range and the type of motel you are interested in. Each type of hotel/motel has its advantages. If you want a luxury experience with everything nearby and cost isn't an issue, then the resorts will be a good choice. If you are looking for a more personalized experience with good value, then the small to medium family-owned motels are the way to go. If you have a corporate program with a chain or are familiar with a certain chain's offerings then the chain motels are your best bet.

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