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Keeping Your Money Safe While Traveling

Here are some travel tips about keeping your money safe while traveling from the Lakeside Motel.

  • Don't travel with unnecessary credit cards, your Social Security card and any other unneeded official documents.
  • Make a photocopy of the front and back of cards you've decided to take along and keep it in a secure location or leave it with a trusted relative or friend back home. That way you'll have fast access to the account number and customer service phone number should you need them.
  • While hotels take great care to keep your possessions safe, it is still a good idea not to leave your wallet or valuables in the room when you go out.
  • Debit cards are a little riskier than credit cards. First, they are direct access to your bank account. Second, while the issuing bank may treat fraudulent purchases just like a credit card, it may take some time for them to make the cash available to you as they sort out the problems.
  • It's better to have your main credit card in one place and your backup card in another. If one is lost, the other may still be available. This is true for cash as well.
  • Flying? It's recommended that you do not leave extra cash or backup phone numbers is inside checked baggage.

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